Add Code Sniffer Standards


Koseven follows coding standards that are not compatible with PSR-2. I looked for a PHP codesniffing standard that I could use to ensure that my codebase is complying with the Koseven coding standard guidelines.

Unfortunately the closest solution I could find was from the old Kohana repository:

The standards no longer work as they are using some classes that have been deprecated in the latest versions of PHPCS.

Would it be possible to fork this repository and update it to support the latest version of PHPCS? I am happy to assist with this work if required.

Thanks for your time.



Welcome @sephster,

Thank you for joining our community. :slightly_smiling_face:
Koseven Core Team is currently discussing this and i will notify you as soon as we are clear about it.
Theank you for your patience.



Awesome. Thank you for the quick response. If there is anything I can do to assist, please shout. I have experience upgrading PHPCS rules for other projects so happy to help where I can. Many thanks