Problem with litespeed server

On the right apache server, on the left litespeed.


We can’t logout after logging in, and in the admin panel when We try logging in to other normal user accounts is not possible.
On both servers session config and php version is the same.
Also many links does not work properly, and redirect you somewhere that shouldn’t.

Thank you for sharing this issue. Althrough i understand the Problem i need a bit more information to help resolving this:

  1. Do you have any error(s) in the log files (Koseven Log, PHP Log, Server Log)?

  2. Did you correctly setup your server:

    • On your video you use different urls. Did you add the new domain/url in your
      trusted_hosts config (config/url.php)?

    • Make sure you correctly setup your litespeed server. Apache uses the .htaccess inside your public folder, is it configured correctly? (Note: Lightspeed Enterprise(paid) supports .htaccess … Openlitespeed does not and you have to configure it manually)

Thank you!

Hi Toitzi, thank you for fast reply.

We have no errors in server logs and in php logs, We don’t know if and where koseven saves logs.

Both domains were and are added to trusted_hosts.

We use litespeed enterprise (paid version) which supports .htaccess.

Hi Fresco,

hm…very interesting…koseven logs are in application/logs folder, koseven saves logs by default, maybe there is something ?