Roadmap Koseven




  • The 3.3.x versions are planned to be released every 4 months or an as needed basis.
  • There will be no new features only bug fixes for this version.

After 3.3.x

  • Koseven will use semantic versioning after 3.3.x.
  • Major versions are planned to be released at november every year.
  • Minor versions are planned to be released every 4 months.
  • Patch versions are released for fixing security bugs only.
  • Support end is target PHP version support end +1 year.
  • Only the latest minor versions (branches) receive support.

Version list and support schedule

Koseven version Target PHP version Release date Support until
3.3.x 7.0 2017.01.10. 2019.12.31.
4.x.x 7.3 2019.11.?? 2021.12.31.
5.x.x 7.4 2020.11.?? 2022.12.31.


Name Designation
master Current major version (stable)
develop Latest development version. Don’t use it in production!
v4.0 Next major version


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