Modseven Framework - Modseven Framework - Koseven with PSR, Namespaces and slightly more modern

What is this project for?

This project is in development state and not finished yet

Edit: It runs :slight_smile:

Initially this was for personal use only. But it happens that there were more and more requests if original “Koseven” would support namespaces and PSR. As it does not since it needs to be compatible with “Kohana” this repo was created.

Current State

In development, removing deprecated functions and fix code style.

PSR Standards to expect soon:

PSR Description Status
1 Basic Coding Standard Implemented
3 Logger Interface Implemented
4 Autoloading Standard Implemented
6 Caching Interface Implemented
7 HTTP Message Interface Not implemented but planned
12 Extended Coding Style Guide Implemented
13 Hypermedia Links Not implemented but planned
15 HTTP Handlers Not implemented but planned
16 Simple Cache Implemented
17 HTTP Factories Not implemented but planned
18 HTTP Client Not implemented but planned

PSR Standards that will not make it into Modseven:

PSR 11 (Container Interface) - No built in feature of Modseven

PSR 14 (Event Dispatcher) - No built in feature of Modseven

When should i use this Project instead of Koseven

If you create a new Application and are familiar with Kohana/Koseven or just love how those frameworks work, chances are high Modseven will also fit. If you update a legacy Kohana application, Modseven is the wrong choice - use Koseven instead.

But also ask you those questions before choosing:

  • Do i need namespaces / PSR - Use Modseven
  • Do i want to be up-to date in terms of technology used? - Use Modseven
  • Do i need backwards compatibility? - Use Koseven
  • Do i need a many 3rd party modules? - Use Koseven

Also check the differences below.

What are the differences to Koseven?

Although it is quite similar to Koseven there are a few changes:

  1. Namespaces - Modseven uses the namespace Modseven for system files and is completely working with namespaces.
  2. Autoloader removed and moved to native composer PSR-4 autoloader.
  3. The bootstrap.php got moved. It’s now called routes.php and only contains routes. Configuration is done via the config/app.php file.
  4. Transparent classes got removed, they are not needed since namespaces are used.
  5. The Cache and Encrypt Module are now core classes
  6. Koseven Deprecated Classes and functions got completley removed since we do not need them
  7. Code formatting, small bug fixes, micro optimizations, etc…
  8. CSF for configuration and templates is currently under review as i think of how i will implement those

Note: All patches and features introduced in original “Koseven” will also be patched here.


Modseven documentation is basically the same as Koseven with just a few changes (described above).

Koseven Documentation can be found at which also contains an API browser.

Will work as drop-in of Kohana / Koseven?

No. Also original modules won’t be compatible.


Any help is more than welcome! Just fork this repo and do a PR.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to all Contributors and the Community!